Please have a look at our frequently asked questions.


Please have a look at our frequently asked questions.

Product Information

Why Does TKTX Have Different Color Boxes?

The packaging box of the first model TKTX Numb Cream produced by TKTX factory is blue, and the percentage is 20%.

Over time, people hope to obtain a higher percentage of TKTX numbing cream (this percentage mainly represents the length of anesthesia time). Therefore, the TKTX factory produced the second TKTX Numb Cream-35% blue box.

Why Are There Different Percentages Written On The TKTX Box?

The different percentages correspond to the length of anesthesia time. People can choose the corresponding TKTX numbing paste according to different needs. For example, if a microblade will be used in a permanent makeup eyebrow procedure, the staff can choose 20% blue box TKTX numbing cream, and anesthesia time is up to 2 hours.

Why Does TKTX Have White And Pink Creams?

In the past period of time, a large number of fake TKTX appeared. In order to distinguish the difference between the original genuine product and the counterfeit product, the TKTX factory replaced white cream with pink cream to make it easier for people to identify.

Until now, the TKTX factory still uses white and pink creams, because different customers require different colors of cream.

What Is The Difference Between White And Pink Creams?

Only the color is different between the two, there is no other difference.

Which Percentage Of TKTX Is Better?

The higher the percentage, the longer the anesthesia time. You can select the corresponding percentage according to the length of anesthesia time required.

How Many Specifications And Models Does TKTX Have?

The TKTX model that is on sale — TKTX Red 40%, TKTX Blue 40%, TKTX White 40%, TKTX Black 40%, TKTX Yellow 40%, TKTX Gold 40%, TKTX Green 40%.

Discontinued TKTX model — TKTX Red 38%, TKTX Blue 20%/39.9%, TKTX White 39%, TKTX Black 39%, TKTX Yellow 50%, TKTX Gold 38%/45%.

I Don’t Know How To Choose, What Is Your Suggestion For Me?

The Historical Sales Data Of TKTX Factory Shows:
Europe: blue, green, white, yellow (very popular).
South America: gold, green, yellow (very popular).
Middle East: blue, black (very popular).
Southeast Asia: Pure white (usually buyers will paste their own logo)
Asia: blue, green, pure white (very popular).

Shipping Information

What Shipping Methods Are Available?

TKTX factory will give priority to using UPS, DHL, FedEx to deliver packages.
For some countries/regions that do not support the above shipping methods, we will contact you in time and inform you of the best shipping method.

Such as: chemical flights, railway transportation, sea transportation.

Do You Ship Internationally?

Yes we do.
Remembering that some countries have restrictions. consult our call center via whatsapp.

What should I do if I do not receive the package in time?

You can contact us directly through WhatsApp online chat function and get the solution.

When can you ship?

Processing time is 1-2 working days. We have enough stock for you.

What is the shipping cost?

We only provide free global shipping service for customers who order 20 TKTX at one time. Orders over 20 pieces will receive a lower discount, so buyers will need to pay the postage.

The calculation method of the global postage is: the first weight is 3 kg / USD 35, and the subsequent weight is 1 kg / USD 7.

When will I get the product?

Due to the wanton spread of COVID-19 around the world, the Civil Aviation Administration of China imposed restrictions on the number of overseas flights to China, which ultimately led to a reduction in the number of flights.

During COVID-19, the delivery time of UPS, DHL, FedEx shipping packages is 8-15 days.

The delivery time for chemical flights, train transportation, and sea transportation is 20-30 days.

Payment Information

What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

Paypal – Credit Cards.

I Ordered A Lot Of TKTX Numb Cream, Do I Need To Pay Taxes?

No matter how much TKTX Numb Cream you have ordered, we will give you priority in providing customs duty-free channels to ship your packages.
For countries that have to levy taxes, we will contact you to ask if you are willing to pay taxes and bear the related customs clearance risk, otherwise, we will cancel this order.

Orders & Returns

How do I check the shipping status of an order?

Please log in to your account, check and find the tracking number of the package and copy and paste it into the status query window to obtain detailed shipping information.

(5-8 days after placing the order, we will upload the tracking number of the package).

How do I place an Order?

Go to the shop tab on our website.
Select the product you want.
register on our website and make the payment.

Do I need an account to place an order?

Yes, it is mandatory.
It is important that you create an account on our website so that we can better assist you if there is a problem.

How Do I Track My Order?

Access your account registered on our website.
Go to the control panel, click on orders

How Can I Cancel Or Change My Order?

You must contact our call center and request.

Remembering that you can only cancel or change your order, before sending it to its final destination.

Can I buy products at retail?

This website is the official website / shop of China TKTX numbing cream manufacturing factory, we are mainly engaged in international wholesale trade, not retail.

Therefore, the purchase quantity determines the price discount.

How Can I Cancel Or Change My Order?

You must contact our call center and request.

Remembering that you can only cancel or change your order, before sending it to its final destination.