J-Cain Cream Lidocaine – 10.56%

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J-Cain is a highly effective anesthetic skin cream with Lidocaine, which can help soothe the discomfort and pain after such procedures like getting a tattoo, skin peeling, laser hair removal, body piercing, cosmetic surgery and many others. The pain soothing cream works by reducing the sensitivity of the patient’s pain receptors.
J-Cain Made In Korea

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J-Cain Cream Lidocaine – 10.56%

The main focus of J-cain is the removal of pain and discomfort in the skin and subcutaneous layers. The creams have a numbing effect to a depth of at least 8 mm. This is a topical local anesthetic, which is very safe and easy to use, without requiring any special training and complicated protocol to follow.

J-cain Anesthetic Cream is the perfect pain removal solution for tattoo application and permanent makeup. It can be invaluable for a variety of moderately invasive beauty procedures. With J-cain, the dermal filler injection area can be effectively anesthetized. It is equally good to help avoid the discomfort of skin procedures involving UV, IPL and HIFU treatment, which tend to cause skin irritation and redness.

Almost all procedures involving needles usually require local anesthetics in the form of Numbing Cream in the indicated areas. J-Cain Cream is considered one of the best in Korea when it comes to topical anesthetics. It is manufactured in the form of a cream that has a concentration of 10.56% to 29.9% of lidocaine. J-Cain has grown in fame with beauty professionals in Korea and other parts of the world.

J-Cain's Strengths:

J-Cain Cream is excellent for reducing any pain by numbing your nerves, which is perfect for procedures that involve injections.
It can be used to lessen any pain and discomfort such as insect bites, sunburn, minor scratches and more.
J-Cain Cream is easy to apply as it is in a semi-liquid form. We're making it easier to spread on your skin.
Since J-Cain Cream is in a semi-liquid form, your skin will be able to absorb it more quickly, which makes the cream's effect spread faster.

How to use:

Apply to the affected area and then wrap in a bandage for maximum effect. Wait 30 minutes for the J-cain cream to work, remove the bandage and wash it off with water. The effect lasts for 60 to 90 minutes.
Note that after applying the cream, you may feel a feeling of coldness and numbness in the areas where you apply the cream. The cream is safe, but do not use more than 2g of cream in a 24 hour period.


To increase its effectiveness, wrap the treated area after applying the cream. Wait for the effect of J-Cain cream for 25 minutes. Remove the film and wash off the cream. For J-Cain cream, the effect lasts for 60 minutes. After applying the cream, you may feel a cooling sensation, followed by an increase in numbness in the area of ​​application. The cream is completely safe and effective.

The product has contraindications. We are not responsible for any negative effects you may encounter after administering the products yourself. It is recommended to consult a physician or medical professional before any procedure.

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0.5 kg
10 × 10 × 10 cm
Cream Color



105.6 mg


Methylparaben (KP) 1.5 mg


South Korea


TKTX Company


Inist Biopharma

9 reviews for J-Cain Cream Lidocaine – 10.56%

  1. Mollie B. Skinner (verified owner)

    This works great! Got my first tattoo and didn’t feel a thing. Would definitely buy again!

  2. Pamela R. Bush (verified owner)

    3 hours 100% pain free. Wears off slowly for about 1 hour till it was no longer working. Very impressed. Didn’t expect it to be so good. 10/10 !!!!

  3. Nicole D. King (verified owner)

    No pain

  4. Jamie S. Phillips (verified owner)

    I literally told my tattoo artist , I don’t want to jinx myself but where I put this cream I literally don’t feel any pain & I was guessing where he would be tattooing but I 100% can say and I don’t owe anybody any favors, that this product works.

  5. Randell L. Alley (verified owner)

    Got this done with 2 tube, lasted about4 hours great cream

  6. Richard J. Price (verified owner)

    It works great till about the last 20 minutes so for me it’s a life saver.

  7. Vickie D. Boudreaux (verified owner)

    Love this cream!! Had the white ink re done yesterday and still can’t feel a thing. I have sensitive skin and as I’m getting older the pain threshold isn’t as up to scratch as it used to be lol. SHUT UP!! lol

  8. Sara P. Sanders (verified owner)

    Amazing! I’ve used this on my last 5 tattoos & I must say, if used properly, it works!

  9. Lillian J. Oliver (verified owner)

    I have many tattoos and never thought this would work or help with the pain. I was getting my neck done and thought what do I have to lose. Omfg it was amazing! I didn’t feel a thing!!! 10/10

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