J-Cain Cream Lidocaine – 29.9%s

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J-Cain is a highly effective anesthetic skin cream with Lidocaine, which can help soothe the discomfort and pain after such procedures like getting a tattoo, skin peeling, laser hair removal, body piercing, cosmetic surgery and many others. The pain soothing cream works by reducing the sensitivity of the patient’s pain receptors.
J-Cain Made In Korea

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J-Cain Cream Lidocaine – 29.9%s

The main focus of J-cain is the removal of pain and discomfort in the skin and subcutaneous layers. The creams have a numbing effect to a depth of at least 8 mm. This is a topical local anesthetic, which is very safe and easy to use, without requiring any special training and complicated protocol to follow.

J-cain Anesthetic Cream is the perfect pain removal solution for tattoo application and permanent makeup. It can be invaluable for a variety of moderately invasive beauty procedures. With J-cain, the dermal filler injection area can be effectively anesthetized. It is equally good to help avoid the discomfort of skin procedures involving UV, IPL and HIFU treatment, which tend to cause skin irritation and redness.

Almost all procedures involving needles usually require local anesthetics in the form of Numbing Cream in the indicated areas. J-Cain Cream is considered one of the best in Korea when it comes to topical anesthetics. It is manufactured in the form of a cream that has a concentration of 10.56% to 29.9% of lidocaine. J-Cain has grown in fame with beauty professionals in Korea and other parts of the world.

J-Cain's Strengths:

J-Cain Cream is excellent for reducing any pain by numbing your nerves, which is perfect for procedures that involve injections.
It can be used to lessen any pain and discomfort such as insect bites, sunburn, minor scratches and more.
J-Cain Cream is easy to apply as it is in a semi-liquid form. We're making it easier to spread on your skin.
Since J-Cain Cream is in a semi-liquid form, your skin will be able to absorb it more quickly, which makes the cream's effect spread faster.

How to use:

Apply to the affected area and then wrap in a bandage for maximum effect. Wait 30 minutes for the J-cain cream to work, remove the bandage and wash it off with water. The effect lasts for 60 to 90 minutes.
Note that after applying the cream, you may feel a feeling of coldness and numbness in the areas where you apply the cream. The cream is safe, but do not use more than 2g of cream in a 24 hour period.


To increase its effectiveness, wrap the treated area after applying the cream. Wait for the effect of J-Cain cream for 25 minutes. Remove the film and wash off the cream. For J-Cain cream, the effect lasts for 60 minutes. After applying the cream, you may feel a cooling sensation, followed by an increase in numbness in the area of ​​application. The cream is completely safe and effective.

The product has contraindications. We are not responsible for any negative effects you may encounter after administering the products yourself. It is recommended to consult a physician or medical professional before any procedure.

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299.0 mg


Methylparaben (KP) 1.5 mg


South Korea


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Inist Biopharma

26 reviews for J-Cain Cream Lidocaine – 29.9%s

  1. Vernita T. Snyder (verified owner)

    With this numbing cream I didn’t feel a thing getting my tattoo

    Highly recommend this product

  2. Naomi C. Slattery (verified owner)

    The numbing cream worked like a charm. Definitely worth purchasing the product. I will buy more to finish up the rest of my tattoos.

  3. Sarah S. Cawley (verified owner)

    Absolutely recommend I didn’t feel a thing pain was a 2/10. Honestly next tattoo I get I’m buying this numbing cream for sure.

  4. Rose A. Matson (verified owner)

    Did a two hour session and felt absolutely no pain except the last 10 minutes which I felt a bit of pain 3/4 out of 10. Definitely will use this product again for my next tattoo.

  5. Kathleen F. Uribe (verified owner)

    Three hours. Absolutely felt nothing! Great product!

  6. Danny C. Rivard (verified owner)

    It worked just as it says it does, will recommend it and will be buying more

  7. Carroll L. Duke (verified owner)

    It works! Love the product. Got my two tattoos done!

  8. Jeremy R. Cole (verified owner)

    Used this to tattoo myself and it completely numbed the area. It did start wearing off as time went on but it definitely made the tattoo more tolerable. Great stuff!! Will definitely keep using it.

  9. Larry A. Benavides (verified owner)

    Makes tatoo pain free.

  10. Mark M. Williams (verified owner)

    Read the instructions applied exactly how it said in the folded paper waited 90mins went didn’t feel a thing . This is 2nd time I buy 3 tubes . I let my wife try she was amazed by it . Great product!

  11. Jason L. Morgan (verified owner)

    Went to get a cover up and the pain was so minimal. My first session was a breeze. Amazing product.

  12. Brenda C. Lawler (verified owner)

    This was round two, adding detail to the previous sitting which was the outline. Knowing this would take considerably longer than the first time, we knew this would be a “tap out” session. It wound up taking six hours. LOTS of shading. I followed the instructions and made it to the end with plenty to spare. Even though we got started an hour late (I won’t lie, I was wondering how long the cream would last), I was well into hour 4 and it wasn’t until then did the sensation slowly return. The inside arm near the armpit and close to the elbow I knew would be more sensitive than thw rest of my arm but all went better than I anticipated. I THINK I have enough left (purchased 1 tube) for the upper arm where I’m adding color. TBH my ass wound up being number than my arm!! I HIGHLY recommend this product. It was worth every dime.

  13. Ted A. Tate (verified owner)

    I wrapped it for 90 minutes while my tattoo artist sketched my tattoos. We started the tattoo at 2:30am and the numbing lasted 7 hours before I could feel the needle. With the numbing cream it felt like my leg was just being brushed up against. No pain at all until the numbing cream wore off. Then I could feel everything. I honestly would not have been able to withstand this session without it.

  14. Daisy L. Hocker (verified owner)

    It works, 1000%!
    I sat through 2.5 hours without a single ounce of pain. After 2.5 hrs, it started to feel like a slight scrape, but was still nowhere near the regular pain of a tattoo. I’ll absolutely be ordering in future.

  15. Tamara L. Ange (verified owner)

    Didn’t feel a THING! Been practicing on myself I’ve bought 3 tubes already !

  16. Alfred K. Lago (verified owner)

    All I can say is “I DIDN’T FEEL A THING”

  17. Dixie B. Graham (verified owner)

    I was skeptical but this cream worked so great. I sat for over 2.5 hours and the cream lasted. I didn’t feel anything until after the 2 hours mark. I think I didn’t put enough cream, but I will definitely use this cream before all my tatts.

  18. Andrew C. Park (verified owner)

    I use it on my leg and omg I didn’t feel a thing. It’s works!! I ordered 2 more tubs in the process of getting my thigh done. I highly recommend it.

  19. Sarah C. Bailey (verified owner)

    Oh let me tell you! I absolutely love this numbing cream. I will never use another brand again. I had a side tattoo done recently and tried a different cream but tapped out from the pain halfway through. Day two I returned after applying this cream and I felt nothing. It’s amazing!

  20. Grace L. Day (verified owner)

    I literally had to keep looking over to make sure he was putting ink in… I could not feel a thing. Super impressed

  21. Jeanette A. Baker (verified owner)

    Sat through many hours of tattoos with this cream! It is a life saver

  22. Cindy D. Simpson (verified owner)

    This is my 5th tattoo now this year using numbing your numbing cream. I would never go back to the old way of doing tats. This cream is a game changer!

  23. Joseph M. Love (verified owner)

    Got my leg sleeve in 3 sessions, I didn’t use the numbing cream the first session which was 5 hours, but the next 2 sessions were 3 hours each and I didn’t feel a thing! Definitely recommend!

  24. Monica S. Nelson (verified owner)

    It was literally no pain. I was having a hard time in certain spots finishing up my back and this was the perfect solution.

  25. Haywood B. Hurst (verified owner)

    When I say I did not feel a thing I felt nothing this is the best ever and I mean ever I literally didn’t think it was going to work I had a full-on conversation while getting it never felt a thing

  26. Nina M. Brown (verified owner)

    I will order more in the future

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