TKTX Numbing Cream Gold 55%

(414 customer reviews)


TKTX Numbing Cream Gold 55% is still the darling and one of the most sold of the entire line of anesthetic ointments in the world. This is due to its great anesthetic power combined with fast occlusion, being super-indicated for tattoos, permanent makeup (eyebrows, lips, eyeliner), beauty with microneedle, puncture, laser hair removal, laser resurfacing, IPL treatment, electrocautery.

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TKTX Numbing Cream Gold 55%

TKTX Numbing Cream Gold 55%

Discover our new line of TKTX Numbing Cream Gold now.
With 7% lidocaine it is the most anesthetic we manufacture today.

TKTX Numbing Cream Gold 55% is still the darling and one of the best sellers of the entire line of anesthetic ointments in the world. This is due to its great anesthetic power combined with fast occlusion, being super-indicated for tattoos, permanent makeup (eyebrows, lips, eyeliner), beauty with microneedle, puncture, laser hair removal, laser resurfacing, IPL treatment, electrocautery.

TKTX Numbing Cream Gold 55% is used for temporary pain relief, available without a prescription. The formula is quickly absorbed; no greasy or unpleasant residue is left on the skin. Available without a prescription.

Our company has been manufacturing this Numbing Cream line since 1996 and today we export to more than 20 countries around the world.

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How to Use TKTX Numbing Cream Gold 55% ?




To know more

Our creams are recommended by tattoo artists and other areas of aesthetics and indicate their use, they are products based on Prilocaine and Lidocaine, substances that result in anesthetizing the skin.
It is important to emphasize that the components of the product do not cause any kind of damage to health, but it is recommended to carry out skin allergy tests before use.

Where does the cream work.

DERME layer (composed of five layers of cells)
EPIDERMIS layer (a tissue that contains protein fibers, blood vessels, nerve endings, sensory organs and glands and is richly vascularized and innervated).

Important notes

Store above 0°C and below 20°C.
For external use only.
Avoid eye cream.
Keep out of the reach of children.
Do not put this product in the rectum.
Cap the tube tightly when not in use.
A super important detail is that TKTX Numbing Cream, in addition to being efficient, DOES NOT CHANGE the tattoo colors.
Not consume alcoholic beverages, use drugs and lactose (milk and dairy products) for 24 hours before the tattoo.

TKTX Company statement:

TKTX Numbing Black is not suitable for use in an environment below 25°C, otherwise it will affect the absorption of anesthetics and may cause the skin not to become numb quickly. It is not suitable for some people who have heart disease, high blood pressure, are pregnant or nursing, know an allergy to any ingredient, thyroid disease, diabetes, depression or have difficulty urinating due to an enlarged prostate.

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0.01 kg
10 × 3 × 2 cm
Product Name

TKTX Numbing Cream Gold 55%


Gold 55%




Lidocaine 7%, Prilocaine 7%, Epinephrine 2%

Validity period

2 years

Cream Color

Pink, White

414 reviews for TKTX Numbing Cream Gold 55%

  1. Mitch Barry (verified owner)

    It working vary well for big tattoo

  2. Richard F. Whaley (verified owner)

    Love the cream have been using it on all my tattoos recently have got a lot more now that I don’t feel the pain well worth buying

  3. James A. Durham (verified owner)

    I’ve tried several sites and brought up some crap before. TKTX Company is by far the best!

  4. Adena S. Lindberg (verified owner)

    Very good product and it does work! I’m getting a tattoo around my ankle and there’s no feeling at all… AMAZING!

  5. Kaua Rodrigues Fernandes (verified owner)

    Creme brilhante, durou 2 horas!

  6. Charlotte J. Justice (verified owner)

    first tube was great went to use second tube was brownish in color found a slit in the tube was leaking in the box didnt work well wrote you a couple times about it would like compensated for 1 tube please will continue to get more when out thanks Brian Middleton

  7. Jeffrey S. Jones (verified owner)

    I’m a laser therapist and it could be very painful on some areas and I always recommend these cream to my clients ,just need to make sure you leave it on for an hour

  8. Shonda G. Rodriguez (verified owner)

    This isctte most amazing tattoo cream ever!! Highly recommend this product. I never felt a thing while getting tattooed and was still numb hours after so its Safe to say you will certainly have a pain free tattoo experience. Thanks so much guys and I will be certainly using your product in the future soon. Sheree ❤❤❤

  9. David M. Gatlin (verified owner)

    Was really numb for about half the tattoo then started to ware off but helped heaps, will definitely use again and recommend for pussies like myself

  10. Denise Q. Pichardo (verified owner)

    Currantly half way through my session, on 26.6.22 at 12.55pm put the cream on at 10am as my appointment was 10.30am an it says to out cream on min of 30min before tattoo.

    Started tattooing at around 11am an as soon as the needle hit my arm i didnt feel a thing,
    So glad this stuff works
    Its painfull without it especailly over a cover up.

    The only down side an negative i can say is that its expensive at £23 per tube and you only get a very small tube..

    Not like tktx which you can get for around £15 an its at least twice the size.

    If they produced a bigger tube for the same price instead of thinking about greed an profit.
    Then it would be a good buy.
    The stuff works but only for around 1hour an 30mins after tattooing has started.

    When they say it numbs the area where it is applied for upto 3 hours this is correct an it will be for upto 3hours but only if you dont touch it.

    Whifh is not the case when tattooing because you have to wipe it clean before tattooing, so the effect i experienced today has only lasted for 1hour an 30mins after tattooing actually started.
    So weve had to stop for 30mins whilst i re-apply more cream in order to continue an finish off the cover-up..

    I would buy again but only if they make the tubes bigger at the same price other wise its not worth it in the long run.

  11. Kenneth L. Smith (verified owner)

    Great product totally pain free when used for neck tattoo

  12. Marc E. Martin (verified owner)

    I’ve used all kinds of numbing cream for my tattoos and this is by far the best one! Couldn’t feel a thing for the whole 2 hour sitting

  13. Theodor Øverby (verified owner)

    Jeg vil bestille igjen!

  14. Isaac T. Williams (verified owner)

    Parfait on sens rien

  15. Naomi D. Carpenter (verified owner)

    Me and my girlfriend use it all the time we love it I’m gonna get my whole sleeve done when I go back to Brazil and three straight days 6 to 7 hours each day and only reason because of the screen thank you

  16. Jennifer B. Fiorillo (verified owner)

    I was skeptical at first the same as everyone else thats probably left a review, but wow what a game changer!! I literally never felt a thing for 3.5 hours and then an hour of bearable pain so easily will do a 4hr sit with just 1 application, I followed the instructions left the wrap on 1.5 hrs but after 1 hr 10mins I felt completely numb anyway, I will 100% never get a tattoo without this cream! I can’t stand the feel of a tattoo and to get the quality out of the artist he needs you to sit still, I nearly fell asleep! Lol

  17. Thiago Lima Costa (verified owner)

    Muito bom produc

  18. Kenneth A. Buckner (verified owner)

    I had my right knee tattooed and didn’t feel much at all for the first 3 and a bit hours which made the whole process so much easier. I really followed the instructions and left it on for an hour before hand to get the best affect. I will definitely be using again

  19. Harold A. Louder (verified owner)

    I use TKTX numbing cream with a derma roller. I apply a thin layer and put cling film over it for 60 minutes before starting treatment. It completely numbs the area and I can’t feel the 1.5mm needles at all.

  20. Timothy T. Olsen (verified owner)

    Applied the cream at 9:30am, removed it by 10:00 and didn’t feel anything until 4PM. Stencil application took a little longer than anticipated and I thought that I missed the peak of the numbing but after sitting for about 4 hours I was just starting to feel the tattoo gun. I fell asleep for my hand tattoo which is crazy! Highly recommend to anyone who is pain adverse or just wants to sit for a long session. One application had numbing that lasted about 7 hours and I wouldn’t believe it unless I experienced it!

  21. Althea M. Hwang (verified owner)

    Love this cream

  22. Margaret J. Chancey (verified owner)

    This cream is excellent for helping to ease pain. I’ve had over 150 hours of tattooing and I couldn’t have had that without this product. I have ME, Fibromyalgia and Spondylitis so I go through enough daily pain as it is without wanting to add to it!

  23. Mike V. Smith (verified owner)

    the best place to buy these creams!

  24. Margaret J. Shinn (verified owner)

    Best creme I’ve tried knowing that sternum tattoos are super painful this felt like the artist was drawing one with a marker for several hours. Love love love it.

  25. Guadalupe D. Blalock (verified owner)

    Didn’t feel a thing where it was applied! Wishing I would have put more one. But amazing product nonetheless. Making another order ASAP.

  26. Ralph S. Davis (verified owner)

    I brought this because I was having a tattoo on my ribs and didn’t think I would be able to take the pain. This little tube is a life saver!
    I followed the instructions and lay for and hour and a half without moving or a break..
    I only started to feel it right at the end but It was manageable.
    Because of the placement of my tattoo I needed to have it uncovered the whole time. So it was exposed for about 2 hours
    I have already told friends and family about it and I’d buy it again if I thought I needed it.

  27. Esther M. Crooks (verified owner)

    Didn’t feel nothing at all..didn’t even know I was being tatted

  28. Christi R. Crawford (verified owner)

    This is a full back piece thats been in progress since last October. I am so excited about it, but would not have gotten through it without the tattoo numbing cream!

  29. Linda R. Bogard (verified owner)

    It was great just want it to last longer!!!

  30. Ileana Beneventi (verified owner)

    miglior prodotto!

  31. Julio D. Perkins (verified owner)

    Perfect for a large tattoo along my spine, I think I’d have died without it!

  32. Robert K. Pollard (verified owner)

    This is amazing! I have done three!!! Wouldn’t use any other product. Each of mine lasted about 5 hrs. If applied correctly you feel very little. Love it!! ❤️

  33. Settimo Cattaneo (verified owner)

    Sorprendente. Lo amo!

  34. Elvin R. Thai (verified owner)

    I was amazed at the results I got with this product. I’m not brave with pain and needles so you can understand my delight at how relaxed I was throughout my treatment.

  35. Nathan K. Loaiza (verified owner)

    Amazing really works didn’t feel a thing

  36. Ross V. Pangle (verified owner)

    There was a delay with my order, but Maya explained the situation in full. Excellent genuine customer service

  37. William L. Romero (verified owner)

    So I went to get my thigh tattoo brought back to life. And in the past, this area has been a very painful area to get tatted. But after being introduced to this product by one of my passengers, I can get tattooed all day. I’m definitely a satisfied customer and can’t wait to go back for my second session.

  38. Matthew M. Brown (verified owner)

    INCREIBLE, IMPRESIONANTE, me hice diferentes tatuajes en pierna, estomago y cero dolor, las primeras 3 horas no senti apenas nada de dolor, lo RECOMIENDO AL 1000X1000!!!

  39. Angela B. Nelson (verified owner)

    This really works. I can take pain but my back tattoo was painful. Started using the numbing cream and it’s painless. I even fall asleep…

  40. Thomas D. Dixon (verified owner)

    I will never get another tattoo without this numbing cream!!! Didn’t feel a thing

  41. Karen E. Bower (verified owner)

    This stuff works perfectly if used correctly.

  42. Patricia W. Miranda (verified owner)

    TKTX Numbing Cream Gold 55% Lidocaine Numbing Tattoo Body Anesthetic Fast Numb Purple Cream Semi Permanent Skin Body 10g

  43. Alan C. Otis (verified owner)

    Fantastic product, I’ve had a few tattoo’s done without this cream and I honestly wouldn’t have a tattoo again without it, it’s a game changer.

  44. Delling Herndon (verified owner)

    Gold 45% The Best TKTX Numbing Cream Anesthetic 3-5 hours Fast Semi Permanent Skin Body Duration

  45. Michele L. Bishop (verified owner)

    TKTX Numbing Cream Gold 55% Lidocaine Numbing Tattoo Body Anesthetic Fast Numb Purple Cream Semi Permanent Skin Body 10g

  46. Pamela G. Regalado (verified owner)

    Highly recommend this cream. For best results apply 1 hour before your tattoo session begins. Could still feel needle upto an hour into the session but then the pain went and could just feel the pressure being applied but no pain. 5 star product!

  47. Ronald J. Wilhoit (verified owner)

    TKTX Numbing Cream Gold 55% Lidocaine Numbing Tattoo Body Anesthetic Fast Numb Purple Cream Semi Permanent Skin Body 10g

  48. Svend Jørgensen (verified owner)

    Lo mejor que he usado. Funciona rapido.

  49. Kimberly G. Butler (verified owner)

    Lasted for 5 hours got the rest of my leg done

  50. Paul K. Cannady (verified owner)

    The cream worked great.

  51. Edwin E. Duplessis (verified owner)

    if u hate the pain of tattoos use this cream its great

  52. Gregory D. Russell (verified owner)

    Used TKTX Numbing Cream For my Tattoo
    Really surprised at how well this worked considering how cheap it is!

    I put this on about 2 hours before my appointment without showering beforehand and it still numbed the area. I couldn’t feel a thing

    Sensation began to return about 1 hour into the tattoo but that was just to touch, not to pain. I think if I’d have opened my pores up before applying the cream the effects would’ve lasted longer

    Definitely recommended, it’s worth a try given how cheap it is. You don’t get much in the tube so if you plan on having a large area done, I’d have two ready just in case 🙂

  53. John M. Mohr (verified owner)

    I’ve bought this cream on three separate occasions, one tattoo I never felt a thing (smaller piece) and the second time I used it for a large thigh piece, I felt nothing for 90% of it and was slightly uncomfortable the rest of the time and the third time for this animal totem pole tattoo, and once again, I felt nothing for 90% of it and was slightly uncomfortable during the end of the color process. This stuff works, it makes getting a tattoo an enjoyable experience. I’ve tried other creams and sprays and they just don’t come close to this stuff. Customer for life!

  54. Erwin C. Pennington (verified owner)

    TKTX Numbing Cream Gold 55% Lidocaine Numbing Tattoo Body Anesthetic Fast Numb Purple Cream Semi Permanent Skin Body 10g

  55. David R. Bernier (verified owner)

    this is a very good cream is very happy with i

  56. Michelle J. Thorpe (verified owner)

    It’s amazing
    Used it for about 3 of my tattoos and works great

  57. Audrey R. Mitchell (verified owner)

    Really impressed with the tattoo cream lasted longer then I thought it would

  58. Welford Yepez (verified owner)

    Gold 45% The Best TKTX Numbing Cream Anesthetic 3-5 hours Fast Semi Permanent Skin Body Duration

  59. Orazio Hart (verified owner)

    Gold 45% The Best TKTX Numbing Cream Anesthetic 3-5 hours Fast Semi Permanent Skin Body Duration

  60. Kenneth S. Cuevas (verified owner)

    Must admit didn’t think this would work but WOW this cream is amazing definitely works and lasted at least 4 hours would 100% buy again

  61. Eric S. Pettis (verified owner)

    All works as it should, thank you! Definitely will use it again if I will needed. High recommends to all.

  62. Bernice E. Lever (verified owner)

    I love having tattoos, but hate getting them. I’ve had so many long, painful sessions, but never again! I’ve now gotten two tattoos using Tattoo Numbing Cream and I’ll never go without it again.

  63. Lillian D. Matthews (verified owner)

    TKTX Numbing Cream Gold 55% Lidocaine Numbing Tattoo Body Anesthetic Fast Numb Purple Cream Semi Permanent Skin Body 10g

  64. Richard T. Pena (verified owner)

    Tried it first time today for sex, to stop premature ejaculation unbelievable, I lasted more than an hour. What a transformation in my sex life”

  65. Rose D. Hirsch (verified owner)

    TKTX Numbing Cream Gold 55% Lidocaine Numbing Tattoo Body Anesthetic Fast Numb Purple Cream Semi Permanent Skin Body 10g

  66. Timmy T. Smith (verified owner)

    Really works, I’m sleeved up and body all marked up but still wanted to use to see if it really works. Didn’t feel a thing, if I played down before my guy started I wouldn’t know if he started or not besides the sound of the gun. I would recommend.

  67. Lori F. Moreau (verified owner)

    I was dreading getting my chest piece done and so I thought I’d try TKTX Numbing cream. I can’t believe how well it worked, I literally didn’t feel a thing. I will never get a tattoo without it again.

  68. Trevor P. Vitale (verified owner)

    Straigth on the knee, almost no pain even after two hours of tattooing

    Both times I’ve used this cream tattoo artist said the skin was litterally drinking the ink and it was really fun to work with

    Highly recommended for those tattoo sessions in tricky areas

  69. David M. Hanson (verified owner)

    I used this on my chest and ribs and the only thing I felt was my artist hands on my while he was tattooing. During the coloring, for the first 3 1/2 hours, I didn’t feel anything at all which was amazing!! Will be using it again for my leg sleeve that will connect to this chest piece!

  70. Jack E. Hiott (verified owner)

    Omg, I was not expecting to have complete numbness even after my tattoo. My tattoo artist tried to say before we started not to expect it to really work and he was gonna use his as he tat. Well after he completed the entire outline he asked me did I feel him tatting at all? NO! I didn’t even know we got started. I didn’t feel a thing!!

  71. Iven Duhamel (verified owner)

    Cela fonctionne parfaitement !

  72. Fannie K. Whitfield (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing honestly will never get a tattoo without it again. Stays numb for 4-5 hours!

  73. Isaac LeBatelier (verified owner)

    Très bon produit. Le résultat est super

  74. Angelita F. Dean (verified owner)

    Put on 90 minutes before could not feel a thing for 3 hours, the best cream I’ve used by far

  75. Samuel K. Templeton (verified owner)

    I’m a tattoo artist. Been tattooing for over 2 decades now. This tattoo photo that I uploaded is covering a massive painful surgery car that went all the way around her abdomen and half way across her back. She felt very little pain due to the TKTX Numbing cream. I’ve been using this cream for 2 and a half years now with amazing results. Most all of my clients ask for this cream now. Why feel pain when it’s optional? I strongly recommend this cream

  76. Roy P. Kincaid (verified owner)

    thought it wasn’t going to work after starting my session a few minutes late, sat through a 6 hour session leg/shin and didn’t feel a thing

  77. Curtis I. Taylor (verified owner)

    I love this cream, an 2hrs before my appointment I started to prep myself, I took a hot shower (as hot as I could bare) to open my pores, I also exfoliate the area while taking the hot shower. I then applied the numbing cream at approximately 1hr and a 1/2 before my appointment, and wrapped it with plastic wrap and left it there until my appointment. I felt minimal to no pain, I love it.

  78. Carlos S. Caputo (verified owner)

    Works so well didnt feel a thing !

  79. John R. Estes (verified owner)

    Great product, I followed the directions and by the time I got to my appointment I felt nothing. I would highly recommend this product.

  80. Dean P. Allen (verified owner)

    When using TKTX Numbing Cream, I can get tattooed in areas I would have never had done previously. I am planning on using it to do the entire top of my foot, which previously I thought was never to happen.

  81. Dale A. Lamb (verified owner)

    My husband used it for his head tattoo and sent me a video. This is him just chillin’ as the shading has begun. lol We have bought several more tubes!

  82. Jane R. Martinez (verified owner)

    I used the numbing cream for a 3 hour chest piece on my sternum and clavicle bones which I have heard is very painful spot, lucky for me I didn’t feel anything as the cream worked so well!

  83. Mark C. Hollander (verified owner)

    I put this on my ears pierced them myself that’s to my husbands halo absolutely love this stuff❤️

  84. Esther R. Toliver (verified owner)

    I was skeptical at first but honest truth .
    this stuff is all it claims to be and more ,I literally felt next to nothing , and will definitely order again

  85. Ingrid B. Reeves (verified owner)

    Amazing stuff, didn’t feel a thing!

  86. Jennifer G. Hyman (verified owner)

    Didn’t feel 95% of this tattoo! Love this product!

  87. Gustavo J. Sander (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this product! I have tried other similar products and none gave the comfort I felt from your product. My back was bare and I was able to sit through a 5 and a half hour season. You have a customer for life! Or at least until I run out of skin to ink up lol I wanted to try this product to let people im close with know that it can work. As well as my next few pieces will be big and in sensitive places. Now I’ll be able to realize my dream sooner than later. And it’s all thanks to this brand! Im enteranlly thankful. I going to tag and post the end result and whole process on my social media outlets. Again, thank you.

  88. George K. Reulet (verified owner)

    I was dreading the placement for this tattoo and was honestly skeptical of this cream but I followed the directions and honestly couldn’t feel a thing and the tattoo healed up nicely. Will be buying more and definitely recommend to all.

  89. Christina S. Bradshaw (verified owner)

    I am a regular customer now since we are trying to complete my sleeve before summer. As always, I am completely satisfied with the product. We get more tattoo hours for the session! Can’t wait until It’s done.

  90. Frederick D. Line (verified owner)

    The best numbing cream I’ve ever used. When applied liberally and correctly I went over 3 hours without feeling a thing. Also made the night after easier. Highly recommend.

  91. Robert M. Salas (verified owner)

    When you have so many tattoos that you only have the painful places left, this product is definitely my go to now

  92. Thomas C. Atkinson (verified owner)

    Works well helped so much on my knee tattoo

  93. Antoine D’Aoust (verified owner)

    très bien

  94. Gary R. Cline (verified owner)

    First time I have ever tried this item and so wish I had found it before it last well over 4 hours and to get my 3 hour tattoo pain free thank u will be useing it again

  95. Donald K. Martin (verified owner)

    I was skeptical at n all these numbing creams but thought why not it can’t make it hurt more. I got it for my ditch and didn’t feel a damn thing – 10/10 will buy it again.

  96. Lynnette D. Chaires (verified owner)

    I will never get another tattoo with out this. It was fantastic

  97. Ray H. Worsham (verified owner)

    Excellent product does exactly what it says on the box! I will definitely be purchasing again

  98. Joseph W. Green (verified owner)

    I got a 5 hour sternum tattoo using this cream. At first apply the pain was about a 2 out of 10. Keep in mind this is a spot that’s easily a 9 or 10 out of 10. I was so pleased because I was dreading this tattoo, and had tattooed nearly my entire body before I would touch it. 2 hours in after the outline I re-applied for about 25-30 minutes. The remaining 3 hours of my tattoo I felt nothing! I never review products but holy shit this cream works! I was hesitant due to the lidocaine % so I compared it with a prescription strength lidocaine at 10%. It blew my mind when this product worked better than that BY FAR! Highly highly recommend.

  99. Melissa S. Roberts (verified owner)

    TKTX Numbing Cream Gold 55% Lidocaine Numbing Tattoo Body Anesthetic Fast Numb Purple Cream Semi Permanent Skin Body 10g

  100. Latoya F. Smith (verified owner)

    TKTX Numbing Cream Gold 55% Lidocaine Numbing Tattoo Body Anesthetic Fast Numb Purple Cream Semi Permanent Skin Body 10g

  101. Bonnie M. Deavers (verified owner)

    TKTX Numbing Cream Gold 55% Lidocaine Numbing Tattoo Body Anesthetic Fast Numb Purple Cream Semi Permanent Skin Body 10g

  102. Cortney H. Gately (verified owner)

    I felt almost nothing at all…it did wear off before the artist got done but his prep was a bit long. I advise leaving it the 60 minutes and not the 90 it says on the package. Won’t get tattooed without it again❤️

  103. Mamie R. Keith (verified owner)

    Works great! Didn’t feel a thing for 3 hours! Wouldn’t do a tattoo without it!

  104. Michelle D. Kelley (verified owner)

    I used the cream as directed and went in for a 3.5 hour tattoo and felt NOTHING! My mind was blown! It was the best experience ever. The last half hour I felt all of the rubbing and a twinge here and there but it was tattoo life changing

  105. Tony D. Foley (verified owner)

    Stuff worked amazing. Not gonna lie thought it was a hox but nope it was awesome.

  106. Romolo Genovese (verified owner)

    Ho comprato la crema anestetica TKTX ed è venuta fuori molto velocemente. Vivo in Italia ad Napoli. Prodotto originale con sigillo di autenticità

  107. Edward M. Stamper (verified owner)

    I absolutely loved it pain free

  108. William M. Collins (verified owner)

    TKTX Numbing Cream Gold 55% Lidocaine Numbing Tattoo Body Anesthetic Fast Numb Purple Cream Semi Permanent Skin Body 10g

  109. Lucy H. Bowman (verified owner)

    Getting my arm blacked out and this product has made it so much easier for me!

  110. Vivian R. Hanson (verified owner)

    No pain! Absolutely nothing of pain. This cream is the best thing ever!

  111. Fred C. Rosas (verified owner)

    TKTX Numbing Cream Gold 55% Lidocaine Numbing Tattoo Body Anesthetic Fast Numb Purple Cream Semi Permanent Skin Body 10g

  112. Valente Genovese (verified owner)

    Ho comprato la crema anestetica TKTX ed è venuta fuori molto velocemente. Vivo in Italia ad Salerno. Prodotto originale con sigillo di autenticità

  113. Christoffer Samuelsen (verified owner)

    Jeg anbefaler det til alle !!

  114. William T. Valdez (verified owner)

    Couldn’t feel a thing absolutely wonderful stuff three hours off no pain

  115. Martine Olsen (verified owner)

    Fungerer fint

  116. Herbert E. Perry (verified owner)

    I put the cream on 90 minutes before and I didn’t feel a thing

  117. Betty R. Remington (verified owner)

    I used TKTX numbing cream on this piece I got! I did not feel a thing! I put in on about an hour before my session and when I went in it was so easy to sit because I didn’t feel anything! I’ve used it on bigger pieces, it does work but you need to keep on the cream on for 90 minutes or more.

  118. Steven L. Hill (verified owner)

    I cant believe it. I,ve spent over 20 hours on travels feeling pure pain xD last tattoo: 5 hours no pain at all. Didnt even felt they were tattooing me!!!

  119. Hilda T. Lawrence (verified owner)

    Amazing! Didn’t feel a thing!

  120. Charley J. Taylor (verified owner)

    Super skeptical about this type of stuff, but when it came time to get the inside of my arm and elbow done for my sleeve, I was willing to give it a shot. Best decision ever! There literally was zero pain! I typically don’t write reviews, but definitely wanted to pass on my experience. I am absolutely stocking up on this cream!

  121. William A. Hall (verified owner)

    I use this for my laser hair removal treatments and it’s literally amazing I love it!

  122. Ann E. Matsuda (verified owner)

    This cream is amazing and worked just as advertised

  123. Suzanne D. Ortiz (verified owner)

    I’m addicted if I hadn’t experienced it for myself if I would never have believed it totally works I say pain free through entire stomach tat

  124. Sue L. Foster (verified owner)

    I have a lot of tattoos. Primarily on my arms. I had a pretty traumatizing experience recently on my back piece and I was horrified to go back and have it finished.
    I decided to try this numbing cream on my small inner bicep piece and I was shocked at how amazing it worked: I placed it on about 90 mins before my appointment. I hardly felt anything at all, even vibrations. My tattoo artist said that it didn’t cause any issues with the skins texture.
    I would 100% recommend this product. For first timers and experienced tattooed folks. I could go on and on

  125. Nora C. Mueller (verified owner)

    It’s works well. It definitely takes the edge off and I didn’t feel it at all at time!!! Worth a purchase!!!

  126. Madeline J. Mitchell (verified owner)

    Used this on my foot and made the outlining so much more manageable! Some areas I felt nothing at all, other areas were just a bit of pressure and tingling. However, the skin seemed to become a lot more sensitive to the wiping and rubbing and you still feel a little bit of the burning sensation. But I highly recommend, especially for those sensitive areas!

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    Ska göra benen så jag kommer handla mer

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    Worked amazingly! Didn’t feel a thing even on bicep where a large flower was placed. Would highly recommend!

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    This cream Is amazing, My tattoo only took about 3+ hours to complete and the pain was a -0. I didn’t feel a thing. I lie to you not I my leg was literally numb for about 12 hours!! I put the cream on at 1:30pm and it’s about 2:00am right now. Be careful when applying the cream because I think may have actually used too much. (I used two tubes on my lower leg).

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    Finally got my hand tattoo only because this product exists. Didn’t feel a thing!!!!!

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    Great stuff 2nd time iv use it now and worked get while I was getting the linework done on my front

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    Do as the directions say and your pain will go away. Amazing product and with it you don’t even feel the needle.

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    Had a 3hours coloring session,.. lotus pink, center of lotus purple, frogg, all the blossoms and tulip… didn’t feel a thing, was the first time i’d usted it and will def use it again…. i even recommend it for big pieces, side note… after 3 hours my skin started to wake up again, so for longer sessions you def have to put on a second layer… let you all know how the other side went, reason… blacking out the second nipple. stay colorful and inked

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    I really didn’t have high expectations for this… I’d just had sugar threads in my face and had a topical lidocaine and felt every thread go in. I finally got to try this cream, rich I bought over 2 years ago, I’m totally sold! I remembered my collar bone hurting like a mother the first time, so knew the cover up would be Hell. I left the cream on fire 90+ minutes, after my artist did some heavy duty exfoliating on the area. He was finishing up on my partner while I let the cream sit. Honestly, I felt a bit like a poser bc I felt nothing; I used to make a fun of ppl who’d freak bc, “no, of course they don’t numb you. The pain is half the reason for getting tattooed!” But, as a collector, there are spots I need ink that, especially as I’ve gotten older and collagen production stopped and skin lost elasticity, are incredibly painful and my body – which has now been through some serious physical trauma- goes into shock after a short time (I used to be able to sit for 8 hours at a time, feeling every single thrust of the needle, loved every minute!). The only thing I didn’t like is that I didn’t feel the relief I usually feel after getting tattooed- I’ve used tattooing in the past to rid my body of anger and sadness, my version of curing I guess! There were a few spots we missed with the cream, so I did get some of the, “yes it hurts so good!” release of getting ink. So i was getting tattooed for about 2 hours and was still numb when I left, and my body metabolizes anesthesia and lido/Novocain faster than most (it’s a redhead thing, legit!). I’m not sure how it works written to reapply and not let it sit for 90 minutes, but maybe it absorbs faster after your skin is punctured… I’m sure that being heavily exfoliated first helped. My artist uses a different brand of numbing cream, missing one of the key ingredients of this brand, which is actually really helpful for people with my type of skin, helping the ink stay (rather than spread through capillaries, it’s genetics). This stuff is incredible, ordering more now! I’m not sure how much of an area one tube will cover, and idk if it’s because I’d had mine for so long, but it seemed almost empty, but I think we used over half a tube for the area this piece covered. It’ll definitely be necessary for the shading!!!

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    I Put it on as per directions it was great. Used the full two tubes and got the tattoo pain free for 6 hours to bad the Tattoo took 6.5 hours lol . But wonderful pain free and great product.

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    I had no faith in this , but when I realized I was never going to finish this back tattoo due to the incredible pain I was experiencing, I thought I’ll give it a go . I cannot express how good it is ! I didn’t feel a thing ! I even had a little nap while doing it … it’s that good .

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    It was so effective. Got through this and a shoulder in 2 sessions. Felt like someone was barely scratching my skin for the first 3 hrs. 10/10 recommend this, and I will be reordering it for all of my pieces.

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    Ive has over 50 hours of tattoo on the front of my body with no numbing . Im starting a tattoo on my back and thought Id just give this stuff a try and was pleasantly surprised. I ordered 3 more tubes. I was firm believer in having to earn your tattoo thru pain. Not anymore .

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    Love this stuff!!!Took a chance an ordered 6 tubes without knowing if it would work for us, it’s great! My husband and I have quite a few appointments booked and will be using this for all of it. Placing my next order now……. Thanks!!

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    I thought I was pretty tough… I have many tattoos , they all hurt but nothing like my back piece, my artist said hey I have some numbing cream let’s use it…. I was hesitant but no longer! I’ll use it for every tattoo I get from now on !!!! I LOVE THIS CREAM AND GAVE THE REMAINDER OF MY TUBE TO A FRIEND TO USE SHES A CUSTOMER FOR LIFE NOW TOO!!!!!! Buy it right now!!! THANKS

  179. William C. Taylor (verified owner)

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    I got my tattoo due in June. The tattoo artist told me we may have to do this in 2 sessions because it will be painful. This took like 5-6 hours I never felt one bit of the needle I had to keep looking to see if he took a break. When I get another tat I will only use this cream

  181. Abigail B. Allen (verified owner)

    Let me tell you, I used this cream on my back piece and absolutely did not feel a thing!!! I was completely impressed. I now have a new addiction with this stuff. Looks like many many more tatts in my future. It didn’t even hurt after the cream wore off. I get it, some like to experience the pain, I however do not. I like to enjoy the art afterwards pain free.

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    Súper recomendado
    No daño el trabajo ni mi piel

  183. Fay A. Kruse (verified owner)

    My artist put this cream on me at half time. It was fuckin night and day difference. I prepared for an 8 hour session and we got done just under 7 hours. The shading felt like nothing. The only times it hurt was the lower ankle and upper calf towards the back of the knee. Absolutely I’m going with this cream before session. Thank you!

  184. William B. Brewington (verified owner)

    Wife said it worked really well! She however only let it sit for about 30 minutes because we didn’t read the instructions prior to use and she was getting a pretty big piece done so we were rushed for time and couldn’t wait the full 90 minutes. Other than that, would definitely use again!

  185. Daniel M. Grice (verified owner)

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    Used the cream on my stomach. Sat for hours doing it in one session and didn’t feel a thing. Flawless

  187. Donald B. Hayes (verified owner)

    I put this on at the shop maybe 40 minutes prior since I had to get my artist to help me. Even with putting it on and not letting it sit for quite as long as the directions said I did not feel a thing on all areas the cream was applied
    I did feel every bit where I missed though! Really great stuff and I won’t get tatted without this anymore!

  188. Miguel V. Donati (verified owner)

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    This was done in a 6 hour session. I used two tubes and followed instructions to a T and I was numb for the entire time. Didn’t feel a thing! Love this cream it is literally the best out there! Bought some more recently to get the rest of the shading done ❤️

  203. Joshua L. Cornell (verified owner)

    This is by far the best tattoo cream ever! I don’t know what I would do without it! Even my tattoo artist commented how long it lasts compared to other brands. GET IT YOU WILL BE SO GLAD YOU DID!!

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    I had so much trouble sitting still during the first session of my calf tattoo and I felt terrible about it. For whatever reason, that turned out to be a very spicy location for me, which I did not anticipate. For the second session, I slathered on numbing cream as directed, and the numbing effect held for around 3-4 hours. It’s the only way I got through it. Thank you!

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    This is the ONLY numbing cream I’ve ever used that 100% numbs for hours! I work in a shop, and have recommended this to everyone I work with, and clients love it. I will always continue to recommend this brand to everyone who asks, seriously a game changer for those tough spots!

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    Didn’t even feel the first two hours of this tattoo. Absolutely unreal! Will be using for all sensitive area tattoos moving forward.

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    Highly Recommend this cream!! Omg it works wonders for getting a Tattoo! I didn’t feel a thing, an my leg stayed numb well after the artist was done! Would tell anyone to get it. I will definitely be using this in the future!

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    Second four hour session, which was much more enjoyable with a numb forearm (did the first 4 hours without). Can absolutely recommend this product!!

  239. Robert P. Cloud (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing! It helped me endure the first 5.5hr session for this piece. The artist used the extra tube I brought and reapplied during the session to keep the numb going. I’ll definitely be buying more for the next round. Seriously, getting a tattoo is a miserable process for an amazing piece of work on your body. TKTX Numbing Cream makes it easier to tolerate the discomfort.

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    4 hour sitting, didn’t feel a thing. This is the 3rd time I have purchased. Best product out there for numbing cream. So squirming in painful areas, so my artist can really make it perfect. Love it

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    Love the product but when I ordered it I didn’t get the 30% off that you guys advertise for ordering five or more

  250. Woodrow M. Valenzuela (verified owner)

    I still can’t believe it, but this definitely works! 90 minutes after application I was numb and it lasted for like 4 hours. Be sure to apply the cream an inch or so past where you think your tattoo is going to end to make sure it’s numb. This is the next day, and the cream definitely irritated my skin. Red and burning sensation.

  251. Harold A. McMahon (verified owner)

    I honestly love getting tattooed but now can sleep and wake up with a tattoo lol! Completely amazing stuff!!

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    I’ll never stop using this!

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    The numbing cream was fantastic. I followed directions and took off the wrap right before artist started doing preparation. I didn’t feel anything except the very small area that I didn’t put cream on. So next time I’ll put cream all over and even past the area of where I want to be inked. A friend of mine recommended this cream and I’m recommending to other friends who are thinking of getting a tattoo no matter the size (big or small)!

  283. Diana C. Oldham (verified owner)

    I’ve used a few numbing creams and gels, because I’m a sissy when it comes to pain! Lol But I love tattoos! A friend of mine got his entire front chest done, and told me about this numbing cream that he discovered and literally said he felt “ZERO pain”! I thought there’s NO way he felt zero pain. There has to be some pain, right? Dude! I swear ZERO pain!! Felt absolutely nothing the entire 3 hours of my tattoo! HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend! Also, my tattoo artist wanted me to give him the name of this cream so he could recommend this to his other clients. He says it’s almost impossible to find a numbing cream that actually works. And best of all, it does NOT compromise the quality of the tattoo!

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    This is some Awesome stuff!!!! My wife enjoyed it and I did as well…..I knew that I was being tattooed and that was it…We did not feel nothing. I will use it again. Thank you!

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    Use for shin and thigh tattoos. 3 hours each time zero pain. Would highly recommend. Just apply using the leaflet steps. No discolouration just pain free tattoos

  296. Christine W. Stinnett (verified owner)

    Went into the sit very critical that this stuff would completely numb my leg. Gotta say I was blown away by the result. Will be using it again. Game changer for big pieces!

  297. Stefan R. Harris (verified owner)

    Bei meinem Rückentattoo hatte ich bisher so Schmerzen das ich es kaum ausgehalten habe, bin bis jetzt von der numbling creme fasziniert! Weiter so!

  298. Emilio K. Moon (verified owner)

    Didn’t feel anything..I was self conscious about my decision to use “numbing creams” because growing up it was always “you gotta earn it” so I spoke to my artist(s) about it and they told me that I’ve “earned” enough so I went for it.
    The artist that is tattooing my back told me that other numbing creams made their clients skin “hard” and it wouldn’t take ink in correctly but with this brand, it caused zero issues relating to that. Sure, you still feel the pain from after the cream wears off but it is what it is. I definitely recommend it.

  299. Doris J. Ortega (verified owner)

    With your numbing cream it made my experience painless ! I ordered 3 more.

  300. Clinton L. Eller (verified owner)

    I was worth it!! It helped me endure my 11 hours tattoo session, didn’t feel a thing for the first hours! Totally recommended!

  301. Tom N. Lambert (verified owner)

    TKTX Numbing Cream makes a 3-4 hour session possible! Working on a full calf cover up! Thank you.

  302. Daniel J. Greene (verified owner)

    Will never get a tattoo with out it

  303. Harry P. Jackson (verified owner)

    No pain whatsoever!

  304. John J. Owen (verified owner)

    No pain at all. I used it before and during my tattoo for extra comfort. Why hurt if you don’t have too.

  305. Max K. Vargas (verified owner)

    I love this cream! Had two tubes now and three tattoos whilst using it! Next tattoo planned so will be purchasing more cream! X

  306. Pamela D. Savage (verified owner)

    Got my areolas tattooed and I didn’t feel a darn thing. Wouldn’t have been able to sit through it otherwise! Will absolutely be using this from now on.

  307. Noel T. Vargas (verified owner)

    I sat for 4 hours without any pain until the very last 10 mins. Even then the pain was very mild, almost like a light scrape. I used 2 tubes 2 hrs ahead and put plastic wrap on top, until u arrived at shop. Blended in more to skin before my artist started.

  308. Kenneth K. Pulido (verified owner)

    I got these tats on outlined, “⅗ of my heart is art” and the needle on my sternum was unbearable! I put on this numbing cream for the next session for color fill and all the pain was gone! I was wondering when he was going to start and he was halfway done! Stuff is incredible!

  309. Kevin V. Ellis (verified owner)

    I used this for my stomach tattoo and I’ll say for 3hrs I was comfortable ya every once in awhile my artist hit a spot of thin skin in some really tender areas but the cream reduced the pain for those spots and in all the more meaty areas I didn’t feel a thing 10/10 would recommend

  310. Michael L. Hawk (verified owner)

    Legit stuff! I was hesitant after trying other numbing agents. Half my body is tattooed but with a skin condition I am extremely sensitive and it’s worse than the average person. The first 1.5hrs with this cream, I didn’t even know he started!!! This made it so bearable. I have served my time with tattoo pain and I’m done with it. Buying more for my neck!!!!

  311. June H. Culbertson (verified owner)

    Used the cream did not feel a thing!!!

  312. John D. Robinson (verified owner)

    I’ve used a few of these numbing creams etc, they all work to a point, but this is by far the best I have used, I actually managed to sleep for 2 hours during a recent tattoo session thats how good it was

  313. Olivia J. Lynch (verified owner)

    Had the absolutely most comfortable tattooing experience with this numbing cream. It worked so much better and faster than I anticipated. Will be ordering more for my next pieces.

  314. Benildo Gutiérrez Cruz (verified owner)

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  315. Guadalupe G. Dean (verified owner)

    It worked very well. I put it on one hour prior to my 4 hour appt. Make sure you wrap it with plastic wrap. When I removed wrap I had a rash for about 10 minutes which went away after a quick rinse with water. I didn’t feel anything until the last 30 minutes. I will definitely buy more

  316. สุลักษขณา พูสมจิตต์ (verified owner)


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    Only had to reapply once after 2 1/2 hours. Was a amazing experience!

  318. Lois W. Hernandez (verified owner)

    J’ai mis la crème sur certaines zones, c’est génial.

  319. Sean H. Smith (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing!! Followed the instructions to a T and I didn’t feel a thing! Had to do the one whole sitting estimated 3.5hours and lasted the whole time!! I didn’t cover the whole area because I didn’t know where exactly the tattoo was gonna lay, so make sure you cover more area than expecting.

  320. James L. Pasquale (verified owner)

    Totally painless when you use this numbing cream!!

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  326. Lynette G. Flinn (verified owner)

    A painless experience around my wrist, which is usually a location that I have a hard time with. I wish I had ordered more so I could’ve spread the cream more.

  327. Najat Afaf Antar (verified owner)

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  329. Sara K. Callahan (verified owner)

    This is such a great product. At first I only had half of one butterfly done because I couldn’t stand the pain of the tattoo in that area then when I went for my second session I put on the cream an hour prior getting the tattoo. This was the best thing for me because I’m so sensitive and it was like being drawn on with a marker, painless!

  330. Gena P. Cameron (verified owner)

    I used this when I got my very first face tattoo and I thought it was a scam and once I used it he started tattooing me amd I didn’t even know he started. Didn’t feel a thing. Highly recommend this product! I’m ordering like 5 tunes my fiance is a tattoo artist and im about to get a plain free sleeve! Super excited! Thank you!

  331. John J. Ralls (verified owner)

    Not a great pic it’s hard taking a pic of your own elbow but this stuff is amazing

  332. Cheryl A. Richey (verified owner)

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    Skeptical at first…however; Once we started , it was a painless four hour session. Remember to apply liberally and be sure to wrap for about 2 hours prior to session.

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