Which TKTX is stronger?

For the vast majority of people who intend to get a tattoo or any other aesthetic procedure, the fear of pain during the procedure is one of the main factors that can often make the decision difficult. We have an easy solution at your fingertips.

TKTX anesthetic cream is the end of this problem and what you need to end once and for all with that feeling that prevents the realization of your dream.

TKTX cream is a unique anesthetic, as its use aims to act directly on the skin quickly and with direct action on blood vessels and nerve endings, eliminating any sensation of discomfort in the skin.
We all need anesthetic creams that are guaranteed to eliminate pain for the most varied types of procedures and the most important thing is to know that TKTX creams and ointments also have the differential of allowing their action to last for periods of time.
The variety of TKTX ointment options is highly resistant and can be purchased without a prescription. But how do you know which TKTX anesthetic cream is the strongest?

All TKTX creams have the same anesthetic agents, but with the difference, they are presented through their colors and percentages that meet the specific needs of each procedure, therefore, the composition of each of the creams and ointments is composed to guarantee safety for the various procedures you need to do.

You don’t have to worry about the anesthetic cream affecting the tattoo artist’s work, the tattoo ink or the healing process, although unlike other anesthetic creams each TKTX cream is water based, it will not create an oily layer on your skin.

The strongest quick numbing cream TKTX offers is TKTX 55% numbing cream (Limited Edition).

The main objective of TKTX products is to provide the end of pain in any aesthetic treatment, microblading, hair removal, injection or semi-permanent makeup.

Correct application is essential for effective anesthetic treatment. Therefore, you should not leave any TKTX anesthetic cream on for longer than 2 hours, no matter how strong.
And don’t forget: after using the ointment you must make sure it is closed, ensuring that you can use it in another procedure.

Now that you know a little more about strong and fast-acting anesthetic creams and ointments, remember: the TKTX Company product line is there to ensure your comfort.

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